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Howdy friends!

Hi! My name is Elise. I am just your ordinary 29-yr old book lover. I enjoy the simple things in life and consider myself to be an extremely funny human being. I am a lover of cats and all things tequila related. I teach dance, write secret poems, and in my spare time I am pursuing a master's degree in counseling.

I read books from all different genres but YA romance novels hold a special place in my heart. Some of my favorite authors include Sarah Dessen, Colleen Hoover, Suzanne Collins, J.K. Rowling (Griffindor all the way!), John Green, Lurelene McDaniel, and Gillian Flynn.

This blog is just a way for me to share my passion of reading with others, and give recommendations for when you are in a reading funk! Us book nerds need to stick together :) Feel free to contact me about anything and everything! If I go mising from time to time, it just means my life is chaotic and barely have time to breathe. 

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