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Book of the Month!

Book: My Dark Vanessa

Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Rating: 9.7/10

Two Word Review: Absolutely Beautiful

First things first this book is a masterpiece. Kate Elizabeth Russel crafted a true work of art between the cover and writing style, which is part of the reason why I chose it as my Book of the Month. She uniquely travels back and forth between past and present if a young woman named Vanessa. The story recounts the experience Vanessa had in a twisted love affair with her 45yr-old English teacher, starting during her high school years. It truly captures the dark reality of the #metoo movement. Being a victim of sexual assault myself, I did not feel in any way triggered when reading this book. Russell did a phenomenal job capturing the inner thoughts of someone who has been abused, and the uncertainty of realizing who is really at fault. She shows how vulnerable and intense a traumatic experience like this could change a person. Not even going to lie to you, I cried after reading this one...It gave me a sense of solidarity that we are never alone in these times. Definitely would consider this a more mature adult book, but really encourage young women to still read this.

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