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My jaw dropped after this read...

Here we go! Lets dive into my first book review...

Book: the woman in the window

Author: A.J.Finn

Rating: 10/10


Book Type: Novel

My Two Word Review: HOLY SHIT

This Book is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It will literally question everything you thought while you were reading it. I promise not to give too much away in this review because it is just TOO good to ruin. The story is about a woman named Anna Fox who lives alone in NYC, and is unable to go outside due to agoraphobia ( being afraid to go outside). She spends her time drinking lots of wine, watching old black and white movies, reminiscing on better days and being a peeping Tom to her neighbors. While spying she witnesses an event at her new neighbors house that she was NOT supposed to see, which causes a bunch of chaos in her life. She is unable to determine what actually happened because of many different factors; the booze, she's on meds, no one believes her etc. I bet you're wondering what she sees...I'll just say its something CRAZY. This is one of those books that you can't put down, a real page turner...I would know since I read it in one sitting and it was 100% worth it! As if reading the book wasn't enough it will soon be turned into a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! I truly can't wait, I can totally see someone like Jennifer Lawrence or Blake Lively playing the lead role :)

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