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No regrets reading this one!

Book: Regretting You

Author: Colleen Hoover

Rating: 8.5/10

Genre: Romance/Fiction

Two Word Review: That's it?!?

Character List so you aren't confused:



Jenny-Morgan's younger sister

Chris-Husband, Clara's Dad

Jonah-Baby daddy to Jenny, Chris's long time BFF

So here lies a sweet little romance novel. It does not have the typical love story plot but you do end up with a nice happy ever after. Regretting You is a romance novel that includes the point of view of a mother named Morgan and her daughter Clara. Morgan is set in trying to make sure Clara does not follow in her footsteps, since she was a pregnant teen, didn't get to finish college and doesn't really have any life direction. She serves as a stay at home mom, while Chris, Clara's father provides financially for the family. Morgan's younger sister Jenny, who is a constant in Clara's life, ends up pregnant from a one night stand with her ex-boyfriend Jonah from their high school years who was actually Chris's BFF. They all reunite at a traditional birthday dinner for Morgan, and then the next day a super tragic PLOT TWIST happens. I can't go into anymore detail without giving it away...but basically jaw dropping stuff happens, Clara gets a boyfriend, everyone is in love and its magical :)

My only complaint about this book, and the reason for the 8.5 is that it ends so unfinished to me. I feel like with just maybe 3-4 more chapters my hopes and dreams would've been fulfilled but all in all, Coleen produced another great one!

-thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the forum page!

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