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Polygamy might just bring out the worst in people...

Ready for the next juicy review...

Book: The Wives

Author: Tarryn Fisher


Genre: Psychological Thriller

My Two Word Review: OMG WOW

So up next we have another thriller on our hands. I realized that most of my recent purchases have been mystery/thrillers which is odd for me because I am usually all caught up in the romance...Anyways, Tarryn Fisher THREW DOWN writing this one. Such a great concept, with a VERY unexpected ending. Here's a little summary for you...

Thursday, (yes that is her given name), is in a polygamous relationship; meaning her husband named Seth has two other wives. Thursday has never seen, met or knows any information about them until one day she finds a little piece of information that leads her to meet one of them. She then finds out something crazy about her husband and how he operates in his relationships, and is on a hunt for more information about the other wives and I can't really tell you anymore without giving key parts away...

Lets just say this ending is like going to KFC and they don't have any chicken...TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. When I first started reading the book I was a little skeptical because it kind of had a slow start, so if you are feeling that way when you first read it please push through it. It ends up being a total Mind F***, and makes you question if you even have the ability to critically think at all. I would highly recommend this read, I lent it to a friend* directly after reading and she felt the exact same way that I did, so there is proof!

Thanks for tuning in!


*Ciana Hosking was the friend reach out for a follow up if necessary :)

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