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Seven Deadly Secrets...

Seven Dirty Secrets by Natalie D. Richards


Rating- 8.7/10

Let me start off by saying, Natalie D. Richards has truly out done herself in this book. I started this book on a Tuesday afternoon and finished reading it that same night because I just had to know how it ended. Talk about a 'who done it" kind of story! The first line of the book is "I wake with a dead man's screams echoing in my ears...", brilliant opening hook. So now let's get into it...

Its Cleo's 18th birthday, someone drops off a gift in the bathroom while she's in the shower (sketchy and spooky). She freaks out, calls her friends to see if they did it, no one fesses up. It's a scavenger hunt present and coincidently she loves murder mysteries, so she's pumped! She roped her friend Hope into going along with her on this hunt, which ends up turning into a deadline hunt and all clues being about her dead ex-boyfriend Declan. Oh right, I forgot to mention that part. Declan died on a group rafting trip exactly one year ago and the clues are showing that someone knows the full story of the trip. The scavenger throws Cleo and her friends in a frenzy, all rushing to finish the hunt before someone else ends up hurt. Not going to lie, I really thought the book was going to end differently but boy did it have me on the edge of my seat.

My one complaint is that some parts of the plot did end up being a little slow in development, which made me want to skip pages (but I didn't) to move a little faster. Other than that, this was a fantastic read and I totally recommend it.

Happy Reading Book Lovers!

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