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Survival of the fittest!

Title: girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir

Author- Janice Erlbaum

Genre: Memoir

Rating: 10/10

Two word review: Movie please!?!?

So I recently loaned this book out to a friend (Sheila), and it reminded me how kick ass it was and I figured I should share it with the class...

Girlbomb is a memoir, that takes you through the teen years of Janice Erlbaums life. It is 100% a “finish in one sitting” kind of book. When Janice walks away from her dangerous home life at age fifteen, she is faced with all the trials and tribulations of being homeless. Erlbaum shows what it is like to truly struggle and survive the streets of NYC in the 1980s. It is raw with emotion, drama packed, and an all around gripping story. This book would make an excellent lifetime movie!

Happy Reading!

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